About us

The Body Stress Release Association (UK) is affiliated to the International Body Stress Release Association in South Africa and is a full member of the British Complementary Medicine Association (BCMA).

Every practitioner who successfully completes the training course and intends to practice in the UK is required to join the Association and automatically becomes a member of the BCMA.


The Association’s aims and objectives are:

To ensure that practitioners comply with the Association’s Code of Ethics and strict guidelines as detailed in the Constitution

To increase awareness of the Body Stress Release technique to the general public, health professionals and the media

To ensure that all practitioners engage in an annual programme of Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

To provide a practitioner referral service for the general public

To keep at the forefront of current government legislation regarding complementary healthcare in the UK and to ensure that practitioners are kept informed of developments in this area

The organisation of workshops and refresher courses for practitioners

To respond to enquiries from those wishing to train to become Body Stress Release practitioners.


“Body Stress Release changed my life! I had been suffering with crippling pain from a frozen shoulder for many months. After only three sessions of Body Stress Release I had no pain at all and the full range of movement to my shoulder had been restored. I now attend a few times a year for maintenance sessions and would highly recommend Body Stress Release.” Chris H, 65, Retired