Body Stress Release

Body Stress Release (BSR) is a unique complementary health technique that harnesses your body’s natural self-healing ability to reduce pain and improve physical and emotional wellbeing.

Is BSR for me?

Body Stress Release is for everyone…and every BODY!  Most of us carry stress and tension from our everyday lives. Some stress in our lives can be positive. After all, stress caused by everyday challenges can help us to grow and develop. But when that stress becomes overwhelming, it can start to affect our mental and physical wellbeing. A regular BSR session can help to keep your body in balance – offering relief from small aches and niggles to more serious pain and discomfort. Body Stress Release is suitable for all ages including infants and the elderly.

Is BSR for me


All practitioners undertake a 4-month, full-time, residential training course. Nearly all practitioners choose to train in Body Stress Release because it has helped them to reduce or eliminate their own body stress. BSR changes lives, and those in the know are often keen to share the profound effect of this technique.

Find your nearest practitioner to discover how BSR can improve your quality of life. 

What our clients say

Irene, Hairdresser

BSR has helped me massively with ongoing pain and tension in my neck, shoulders and knees. It has made a huge difference, I highly recommend Body Stress Release

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