Tara’s Story

2nd January 2023

Tara is a 53-year-old former professional ballerina and actress whose life was changed with just 3 sessions of Body Stress Release (BSR).

Following a childhood in Bournemouth, Tara went to ballet school and became a professional ballerina, followed by a career in TV and theatre.  She fell out of love with the performance world and undertook a variety of jobs including a long career with the police.  She currently works in Adult Social Services.

Crash: A nagging pain

Tara came to BSR following a motor bike accident.  It wasn’t a particularly bad accident.  Tara was hit by a car, arched up and over the handlebars of her motor bike and landed on the bonnet of the car, making as she says, ‘a Tara-sized dent’.  Both Tara and her motor bike were fine.  Tara was able to carry on working and did not give the accident too much thought.  The only problem was a pain that had started to develop in her shoulder.

Screaming in pain

The pain got worse and worse.  It started as occasional pain, gradually grew to hours at a time and eventually became persistent and phenomenal.  As a trained ballet dancer, Tara was familiar with self-care.  She had spent years stretching and strengthening but no amount of flexing or stretching made a difference.  She describes feeling the need to push her shoulder blade into door frames to get some relief.  Her GP referred her to a physio.  The physio made her scream in pain, and she came out worse than when she had gone in.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained

Three years after the accident Tara was resigned to living a life with pain.  She spoke about her pain openly, including to the mother of a BSR practitioner who convinced Tara she should see her daughter.  Tara thought BSR sounded a bit ‘blahdey blah’ and had no faith in it.  She went along to her first session with little expectation.

A good use of money?

Tara’s practitioner, Tracy Highton (pictured here) based in Oxted, Surrey explained it would probably take a few releases for the pain to ease.  As Tara says, Tracy did lots of ‘poking (her back) and wiggling (her feet)’.  Tara left thinking to herself ‘well, that’s money I am never going to see again’.  In the morning, Tara was going about her daily life, and suddenly realised she was no longer in pain.  This was extraordinary.  She could not believe it.  Tracy had said pain might come back as it would take time to release.  Tara was so happy to be pain free she would have paid just for just a few days relief.

Tracy Highton, BSR practitioner in Oxted, Surrey

Three sessions and … felt like herself again

As predicted, the pain did come back after a few days.  Tara went for her second and third releases and after the third release found herself completely free of pain for the first time in 3 years.  The results were so astonishing that she did not need to go back for another release until she injured herself again.  She was so used to the constant, nagging, aggravating pain that she had forgotten what it felt like to be herself.  Tara credits BSR with giving her back her life.

An advocate for life

Tara has recommended BSR to countless friends and family.  Her message to anyone who has not tried BSR is; “Give it a go even if you don’t believe in it.  It might not have been your first choice, but try it, and like me, you might be astonished”.