Philippa’s Story

5th January 2023

Philippa is 53 years old and runs a busy farmhouse kitchen from the farm in Arlington, East Sussex, where she lives with her husband. She has a passion for seasonal ingredients and regularly incorporates fresh produce from her garden into her cooking. In her free time, she helps on the farm, tends her garden, enjoys spending time with her grown-up children, walks her dog, and goes to yoga.

A history of back problems resulted in major back surgery when Philippa was 18. As a cook, Philippa spends a considerable amount of time on her feet every day and found that living with a painful back significantly and negatively impacted her working life. She also experienced neck pain as well as pins and needles in her hands. The muscles in her back regularly felt tight and she had weakness in her core muscles. To overcome the discomfort and pain, and to allow her to continue working, Philippa had seen osteopaths and chiropractors. They gave some relief, but she felt twisted, turned, and crunched, and pain was a regular feature of her life.

When Philippa first heard about Body Stress Release, she liked the whole-body approach. She had not previously considered that her symptoms might be connected. She realised that her GP had been treating each symptom, such as headaches or back pain, separately; they had not looked at her body holistically. After her first three BSR sessions with Marie Stone in Hailsham, Philippa felt completely different. The back and neck pain she had been living with for years disappeared. She felt as though the top and the bottom halves of her body were finally properly aligned. But, more than that, she felt relaxed. She was not holding any tension. The bad back she had lived with all her life was virtually gone. Her posture was improved, and she felt taller.

Philippa credits Body Stress Release with enabling her to reconnect with, and listen to, her body. She now feels in tune with what her body is telling her, and when she feels a slight twinge, she knows it is time to book a session. Philippa has not only experienced physical benefits but has also benefitted emotionally. She feels much calmer in herself, has more confidence, and she has never had to miss a day of work due to a bad back since her first release. She says her life feels physically and emotionally balanced and, her neck pain has not returned. Furthermore, previously poor circulation in her feet has improved dramatically.

Philippa also believes Body Stress Release helped her through the menopause and at other difficult times in her life, such as periods of grief. Her husband and children, having witnessed the benefits of BSR first-hand, are now also Body Stress Release clients.

Philippa says “I want everyone to try BSR. Tension had built up in my muscles over the years. After three releases, I could feel the layers of tension falling away. I had been in pain for years and years, and BSR has just helped me so much. As a nation we sometimes prioritise material possessions, such as cars and houses, but maybe we should all be more in tune with our bodies. I think of BSR as my monthly MOT. I highly recommend it.”