Healthy Ageing with Body Stress Release

19th June 2024

Mary’s story

Mary* is an 80-year-old former dental receptionist who lives in Oxted with her husband of 58 years. She has one daughter and a 12-year-old grandson. She describes herself as having had a happy life.

Mary’s Life Unexpectedly Changed

However, at one stage Mary found herself getting unexpectedly uptight about life. She did not like being left on her own for too long and nor did she like to go out as much as she used to. These feelings were made worse by the fact that she was unable to identify why she was feeling this way. Over time, this emotional stress started to manifest itself into physical pain giving Mary pain in her back and shoulders. She was also unable to walk long distances and would have to sit down regularly when out with her husband. Although her husband did not really complain, Mary thinks he got a bit fed up with her at this stage.

An Introduction to Body Stress Release

She went to a physio for help with the pain and they gave her exercises and recommended a stress counsellor who in turn recommended she try Body Stress Release. Mary thought she would ‘give it a go’ and booked an appointment with Tracy Highton in Oxted. After the first appointment, Mary could not feel any immediate change, however, as the days went on, she realised she was feeling better emotionally and physically. This was a huge relief to Mary. Furthermore, Tracy suggested movement and stretches to Mary, and highlighted what she should avoid doing to stop aggravating the pain.

Tracy Highton – BSR practitioner Oxted

Maintaining the Balance

Mary has been seeing Tracy for 7 years. Together, they have discovered that Mary needs to see Tracy every 4-months for regular maintenance. This keeps Mary feeling at her best and able to live her life as she wants to. She still does not always feel the impact of the sessions immediately, but she knows that in the days following a release with Tracy she will start to feel increasingly relaxed.

Life-Changing Impact

The effect of BSR has had a significant impact on Mary. She can now get out and about and does not experience feelings of stress when she is left alone. Her back and shoulders are no longer causing her pain and discomfort, and she can walk further than she could before she experienced Body Stress Release.

Nothing to Lose and Everything to Gain

As Mary says, other people should try Body Stress Release because “… they have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.”

*Not real name