The Body Stress Release Association UK (BSRAUK) is a full member of the British Complementary Medicine Association (BCMA). The BCMA’s Code of Conduct and Ethics ensures the highest standards of professional practice.

Every practitioner who successfully completes the Body Stress Release training course and intends to practise in the UK is required to join the BSRAUK and become a member of the BCMA.

Meet the BSRAUK committee members

Peter Van Minnen


James MacDonald

Vice Chair

Sophie Melis


Teresa Perring

Sarah Hudson


A message from Peter, BSRAUK Chair

As chair of the BSRAUK I am extremely proud to welcome you to our website.

The success of BSR in this country is largely due to the enthusiastic commitment of our committee members, working to support our practitioners. They also ensure that our practitioners maintain a high level of professional and ethical standards, and keep their skills up to date by means of the continuing professional development programme, which requires annual attendance at one of our technique review workshops.

We encourage the workshops as it brings us together to work on each other and provides an opportunity to evaluate our technique and stimulate healing in ourselves. We can also share our gratitude and appreciation for our clients in a wonderful environment.

Body Stress Release offers that fine tuning of balance within our clients’ bodies, and I personally feel blessed to be able to witness the tension gradually unlocking – freeing up mind, body and soul. BSR opens the communication channels between the body’s nervous system, organs and muscles to promote self-healing. Time and time again I am amazed at the transformation I see in my clients.

As Chair, my journey is to enhance communication between the global BSR associations – enabling us to build and promote growth, allowing many more people to experience BSR and its incredible healing capabilities.

I derive inspiration and guidance for this journey from my love of nature. I am excited to be collaborating with a great team, facilitating the growth of BSR.

Do feel free to contact me at bsrauk.chair@gmail.com if you would like any further information about our wonderful technique.


Other Body Stress Release affiliations

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General information: mededeling@bodystressrelease.nl

BSR Association for South Africa www.bodystressrelease.com 

General information: info@bodystressrelease.co.za