Body Stress Release

Amanda’s Story

“I had never heard of BSR, it is wonderful.  I now understand how the stress of life had become locked in my body.  It was only when I stopped working that my body fought back.  BSR changed my life, and I have shared my story as I want to help others benefit from it too.”

Amanda, a former chartered accountant, retired three years ago.  Her life had been busy and demanding.  In addition to a busy professional life, she travelled a lot and was a single mother to two children.  Amanda had always exercised and enjoyed running, swimming and the gym.

Retirement: Everything changed

Once Amanda stopped working, she booked a two-month cruise to Central and South America.  Upon her return, Amanda had acute pains in her body.  The medical profession sought a cause related to the tropics.  Amanda became increasingly unwell and was referred for many scans, appointments, and tests.  No one could find what was wrong with her.

Life was difficult

Amanda’s life was becoming increasingly difficult.  Her balance went.  Her formerly razor-sharp thinking became muddled.  She struggled to walk.  Then digestion and eating became a problem and she started to lose weight.  Amanda describes this period as ‘horrible’.  She knew something was wrong, but no one seemed to know what.

Is BSR for me
Is BSR for me

She tried everything

A neighbour recommended a spine specialist.  He identified Amanda’s body was ‘kinked’ with a slightly twisted spine.  Amanda visited the specialist three times a week for about a year.  He was starting to make some progress, but Amanda found the sessions painful and felt ‘knocked about’ during them.  And crucially, the problem was not going away.

A life-changing recommendation

Amanda received a life-changing recommendation to try Body Stress Release (BSR). She had never heard of it but was desperate to find a solution to her health problems.  She tried BSR with little expectation.

Getting her life back

Amanda was amazed to feel an improved sense of wellbeing after just one session.  Without realising, Amanda had put her life on hold.  BSR gave

Amanda her life back.  With each release, her confidence and mobility improved, and debilitating pain reduced.  The positive impact on her physical and mental health was profound.  Amanda is finally able to make plans, go out and do things she enjoys. She feels like a new person. 

For Amanda, the benefits of BSR have been

Improved confidence – Improved mobility – Profound change to physical and mental health – Felt in control of life again – Can start to make plans – Felt supported – Could start to move on with her life – Dramatically improved posture