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Body stress affecting your lower back and pelvic area (without necessarily experiencing any pain) may be a contributing factor in gynaecological disorders, fertility problems, painful or irregular menstruation, menopausal side effects or genital pain conditions such as vestibulodynia, vulvodynia and vaginismus.
Body stress stored in the pubic area may also affect the nerve supply to the bladder and contribute to problems with frequent urination, incontinence, enuresis or cystitis.

Whilst we don’t treat symptoms, BSR practitioners have worked with many women experiencing one or more of the above symptoms. Very often, when taking their case histories, they report other seemingly unrelated indicators of body stress such as constipation, recurring urinary infections, cramps, back or coccyx pain. By gently releasing stored body stress from the lower back, pubic and coccyx areas, most women achieve some – if not complete – relief from their symptoms.

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I presented signs of vaginismus that I’d had for years. But three sessions later and my symptoms have greatly decreased and I’m obviously thrilled! My practitioner was totally professional and made me feel very comfortable. I can’t recommend BSR enough – such a positive experience!


Out of the blue two years ago, I began to suffer greatly with vulva pain and discomfort. Unable to wear trousers (and sometimes even underwear), I struggled during everyday life with discomfort that worsened with stress and even gentle exercise like walking. I was desperate to get to the root of the problem and get my life back. After a year of going back and forwards to various doctors and specialists, I was finally diagnosed with vulvodynia. I knew nothing about BSR and as an NHS employee, I was the biggest sceptic about anything considered ‘alternative’. But I was so desperate to get back into trousers, I was willing to give anything a try.

After the first session, I was amazed at how different and relaxed I felt. The following week, my vulvodynia was significantly better and less noticeable. Over the coming weeks, as I had more sessions, the discomfort was reduced. Six months have passed and I’m finally able to wear skinny jeans most days and barely notice my irritation.

I’ve experienced other unexpected benefits from BSR. My lower back, which used to ache constantly (probably related to the vulvodynia) now rarely hurts. I have barely any period pains or neck aches. In fact, I generally feel better in myself, far more relaxed and much happier. I’ve been really surprised by the impact it’s had. Whilst BSR hasn’t completely ‘cured’ my vulvodynia, it’s reduced the discomfort to a level that I am able to live a happy and pain free life.

Sophie, Age 38, Surrey

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