Body Stress Release

A unique complimentary health technique that works by encouraging the body to release stored up tension or ‘body stress’ that effects the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

With no clicking, crunching or manipulation, BSR is a gentle technique that works on a deep level, and takes place fully clothed.
Body stress is often built up over a long period of time, and, stored in tense muscles, effects the underlying nervous system, and the body’s ability to heal. By releasing this tension BSR, allows the body to heal to it’s maximum potential.
Body Stress Release

Who is it for?

Body Stress Release is suitable for all ages from infants to the elderly, and clients are often amazed by how much BSR can improve their quality of life.

Common signs of body stress are stiffness, pain, numbness, headaches & migraines. Other signals are tiredness and lack of energy. Often we ignore small aches and niggles, hoping they will go away. Over time, symptoms often become worse, but without an obvious cause we continue to tolerate the pain as normal and suffer in silence.

“I’m getting older, what should I expect?”
“A decent sleep should sort me out.”
“I’m not in that much pain.”
“It’s not life-threatening.”
“I don’t have time to worry about this.”

Sound Familiar?

Body Stress Release could help you.


What they say about Body Stress Release

Body Stress Release changed my life! I had been suffering with crippling pain from a frozen shoulder for many months. After only three sessions of Body Stress Release I had no pain at all and the full range of movement to my shoulder had been restored. I now attend a few times a year for maintenance sessions and would highly recommend Body Stress Release.