Claire’s Story

6th January 2023

Claire found Body Stress Release (BSR) to be so life changing, she became a practitioner

For 20 years Claire worked long hours in a stressful environment as an Office Manager.  During that time, she lived with a bad back, daily headaches, neck pain, severe and painful heartburn/acid reflux and nausea.  Claire attended her first BSR session hoping it would help her back pain.  It did more than that, it completely transformed her life.   Not only is she now living pain free; she finds it incredibly rewarding to see the change in people coming for BSR and to help them find something that works.  

“No one tells us how much stress can affect our bodies.”

A Process of Tests and Temporary Relief

Over the years, Claire sought help from chiropractors, osteopaths, and physiotherapists.  She also sought relief from an assortment of holistic therapists. They all offered some relief, but it was always temporary.  A series of tests found nothing abnormal.   She was taking a lot of medication with little effect.  She described feeling like she had an elephant on her chest. 

Introduction to BSR

Claire was introduced to BSR in 2007 while visiting her parents in Cape Town, South Africa.  Her parents had benefited from the effects of BSR for many years.  Claire was not sold on BSR at all.  She thought; “What a load of hocus-pocus! The practitioner hardly touched me and kept wiggling my feet. What could that possibly achieve?”  It was only when she returned to South Africa two years later that she realized she had not had any significant back issues since seeing the practitioner.  She began to understand why her parents were such keen advocates of BSR. 

A Life-Changing Experience

Although Claire’s back pain had improved with just 1 session of BSR.  It took for her back to completely lock up at work for her to fully embrace the life-changing benefits of BSR.  Claire was in more pain than she could handle.  She knew she needed to act.  Fortunately, there was a BSR practitioner only 20 minutes away from her home in Dundee.  After the first 3 sessions, her lower back felt a lot better.

Went for Back Pain:  Everything Benefitted

Within 6 sessions of BSR Claire’s heartburn and acid reflux symptoms, along with constant nausea were greatly improved. After 9 sessions she was no longer taking any medication.  She was no longer struggling with IBS.  And perhaps most surprising of all, the headaches that had been a feature of her life for nearly 20 years were gone.  And with continued maintenance, none of these symptoms have ever come back.

Changing Her Life

BSR not only helped Claire with her physical symptoms, it gave her the insight and confidence to change her job.  She had a great salary, excellent pension, private healthcare, but was miserable, bored…and stressed.  Prior to BSR Claire, had no idea that her physical ailments were directly connected to stress.  She needed a change.  With the desire to spread the word and bring BSR to Dundee, she went to South Africa to train to become a BSR practitioner.  Claire loves every minute of her new life.  She finds it incredibly rewarding to see the positive changes in her clients through BSR.

“I could not believe that I had gone to see someone for my lower back and all my other pains & discomforts disappeared in the process.  If only I had known about BSR 20 years earlier!”