Healthy ageing

Although muscles, bones and joints change as a result of age, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should experience more pain or stiffness. So many people put their aches and pains down to their age, dismissing them as ‘what’s expected’.
BSR’s gentle technique is suited well to older people. A lot of practitioners have a specially designed hi-lo couch that carefully lowers you from upright to horizontal, eliminating the need for any awkward climbing up and down.

Your BSR practitioner can help you keep your body mobile and as free as possible from body stress so that you can continue to enjoy all the things you love as you get older.

Whilst Body Stress Release doesn’t treat or diagnose any specific condition or illness, it does assist your body in restoring its natural capacity for self-healing – something we can all benefit from as we get older.

A friend told me about BSR when she noticed that, even after three months of physio, I was still struggling to get up from sitting. I’d been diagnosed with bursitis in both hips and have osteoarthritis. I first tried BSR in 2004, and now have regular 3-weekly visits. I also have a fair amount of backache because I’m tall, and regular sessions keep this in check too. Body Stress Release has also greatly improved my sinusitis. To be honest, at my age it really helps with all the ageing aches and pains.

Glenys, Age 72

For many years my lower back would ‘lock up’ and I’d get numbness down the left leg. I’d often have to stop walking, touch my toes and stretch my lower back in order for feeling to return to my leg. Medical doctors couldn’t identify the problem and prescribed painkillers which I never took. Strangely, whilst exercising vigorously or cycling I wasn’t aware of any discomfort. The only relief I could get was after a visit to a chiropractor, but it was short lived. After a series of visits to a Body Stress Release practitioner, I finally got relief. My left side from my buttock up to my shoulder still goes into spasm if I don’t keep it in check by having regular maintenance treatments on a 3 to 6 weekly basis.

Colin, Age 70

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