Gastrointestinal complaints

Stress can affect your digestive system, and clients often say that this is where they tend to store their stress. Perhaps you’re familiar with the sensation of ‘butterflies’ in your stomach or maybe you’ve experienced cramping and abdominal pain whilst enduring a particularly worrisome time?
If there’s any disruption to the body’s communication system (the nerve supply), it can have adverse effects throughout the body, and this can manifest in the digestive system. Common gastrointestinal symptoms include heartburn, indigestion, nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite, diarrhea, constipation, lower abdominal pain, cramping, bloating and inflammation.

Body stress in the lower back and diaphragm can affect the nerve supply to the digestive system, contributing to many of the symptoms mentioned above. Mental and emotional stresses that get locked into the body can also have a huge impact on our gut health too.

Gastro pain

I had suffered with IBS symptoms (spastic colon, constipation and bloating) since my teen years and had just learned to live with it. I’d always had issues with lower back pain. In my early 30s the pain and bloating became worse and I was sent for a colonoscopy, which showed no issues. I then started suffering with acid reflux and constant nausea and was sent for an endoscopy, which again showed nothing wrong. The pain and discomfort just got worse. I felt like I had an elephant sitting on my chest and I was very anxious. One consultant suggested I had GERD and would need surgery. I went through 5 years of various tests at the hospital and was taking a lot of medication with very little effect. One day my back completely seized up at work and I went to see a Body Stress Release practitioner. My back pain was completely gone after 3 sessions, but I decided to continue with monthly maintenance sessions as I found it very relaxing. My practitioner pointed out that I had a lot of diaphragm stress and that that may be contributing to the acid reflux. Within 6 sessions ALL my symptoms where gone. I had no more acid reflux, nausea, IBS symptoms, anxiety and my daily headaches had also disappeared. It was after this that I realised that all my symptoms where down to mental and emotional stress from work and life, leading up to and following a divorce. I recommend Body Stress Release to everyone. It truly is life changing!

Claire, Perth

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Claire’s Story

Read our recent client case study about how BSR helped her with heartburn, acid reflux symptoms, IBS and daily headaches.

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