Sciatic Pain

BSR has a great track record in helping clients with sciatic pain and other problems relating to the lower back. In the meantime, avoid any activity which might irritate the nerves in the lower back such as heavy lifting, bending and twisting.
Many people experience sciatic pain (sciatica) along with lower back pain. Sciatic symptoms are generally caused when the nerves exiting the spine in the lower back are compressed or irritated by tight muscles.

The sciatic nerve runs from your buttocks and down your legs to your feet and is responsible for much of the sensation and motor control of the legs and feet, so you may be experiencing:

  • Pain radiating from your lower back into your glutes/hip and down your leg
  • Shooting pains or burning sensations in your leg and/or foot
  • Worsening pain when sitting or driving
  • Tingling, numbness or weakness in your leg and/or foot
  • Difficulty moving your leg
Sciatic pain
I was very sceptical about this treatment for my sciatica. But very much surprised by the results I’ve had. After my first treatment, my wife even commented how much better I was walking.


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