Shoulder Pain

Carrying a heavy bag, holding a baby for long periods of time, playing a musical instrument, weightlifting, sleeping on one side more than the other, slouching on the couch, sports that require throwing with one arm or using your chest and shoulders a great deal (like swimming or gymnastics) – these can all play a role in a build-up of body stress around the shoulder.

An increased use of tech devices is wreaking havoc on our posture, as we tend to hunch our shoulders forward. This can tighten the muscles at the front of our shoulders (above and below the collarbone), around the shoulder joint and our shoulder blades at the back. And if you’re deskbound, pain can often be worse on the side you use as your ‘mouse’ hand.

Repetitive use (RSI) or osteoarthritis are common causes of shoulder pain. When we’re in pain we instinctively tighten up the muscles surrounding the troubled area in order to limit movement and prevent further pain. But this lack of movement may be making symptoms worse. Pain or a tingling sensation travelling down your arms into your hands is often a telltale sign.

Shoulder pain
Body Stress Release changed my life! I had been suffering with crippling pain from a frozen shoulder for many months. After only three sessions I had no pain at all and the full range of movement in my shoulder had been restored. I now attend a few times a year for maintenance sessions and would highly recommend Body Stress Release

Chris H, Retired

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