“Body Stress Release had an amazing effect. For years, I have had a painful neck, especially when turning my head to the left. After three visits my neck feels great and I’ve been sleeping like a baby.”

Tim F, age 50

“The best thing about Body Stress Release is my growing pains and leg cramps have gone and it’s very relaxing”

Charlotte M, age 14

“At 38, having had three children, my body was not what it used be. Chronic pelvic discomfort, neck and back ache were a part of every day life. Gentle releases have proved to really work. I can only say that I wish I’d know about Body Stress Release sooner.”

Kate D, age 38
“I must admit to being sceptical when I was given a BSR leaflet by my gynaecologist to help with vulval pain. When I read the leaflet I realised that there were a lot of other things it could help me with so I booked an appointment and have never looked back. It has helped me so much I am no longer in constant pain and it really helped with the vulval pain I was experiencing.”

AS, age 40
“At 32 I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease and was due to have major surgery. My experience with BSR has made me think very differently about complementary healthcare. The improvement after three releases was dramatic. With regular maintenance visits I now have a quality of life I didn’t think was possible.”

Corinna T, age 33
“BSR is extremely powerful. I had regular migraines and was put on beta-blockers but the migraines continued. I was introduced to Body Stress Release and have been free from the migraines for over 10 years. I cannot recommend it highly enough.”

Jude S, age 35

When I first started having BSR three years ago, my left arm was trembling constantly and my right wrist had just started trembling too. Within three months, the trembling had diminished by approximately 75%, which for me was awesome! These days, if I am too long between BSR treatments, the trembling in my arms increases noticeably. BSR makes no claims relating to Parkinson’s, but clearly for me it works. It seems that muscle tension in the back further impairs the flow of nerve impulses and BSR relieves this tension.

Fred, a Parkinson’s sufferer