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Regular BSR sessions throughout pregnancy can play an important role in helping your body prepare for birth by ensuring that the lower back and pelvic area are as free of body stress as possible.
Body stress in these areas can cause irritation to the nerve supply which may contribute to pregnancy-related pelvic girdle pain (PGP) or symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD), restless legs, and lower back pain. Body Stress Release can help the body release some of the stored stress and tension which may be irritating the nerves and help the body to relax again.

The birth process can be as stressful for baby as it is for mum. We recommend that your baby is assessed for body stress within a few months of birth. Then, if there’s any tension stored in their little body, it can be released before it accumulates and has any impact on their general wellbeing.

If the birth was traumatic, your baby may have body stress, particularly in the neck or lower back. If your baby doesn’t settle easily or cries for no apparent reason, it can be an indication of body stress. This can impact on the nervous system and may contribute to constipation or colic – both really common in babies.

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I’m 32 weeks pregnant and was suffering with extreme pelvic pain. BSR is fantastic and amazingly improved my discomfort in just 3 sessions! Thank you very much!


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