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Becoming a practitioner

Are you looking for a change of career?

Do you have the desire to improve the health and well-being of others?

Do you have the confidence and empathy to relate to people from all walks of life?

Do you have the drive and ambition to set up and run your own business?


Becoming a Body Stress Release practitioner is a life-changing experience and offers a fulfilling, highly rewarding and satisfying career as this technique not only enhances the well-being of others but also provides the practitioner with independence and a good income.


To find out more about the Body Stress Release Academy, with interviews from Gail Meggersee, one of the founders of Body Stress Release, and interviews with practitioners and teachers watch our new Body Stress Release video here, or watch in full screen on YouTube


If you are interested in finding out more about how to train to become a Body Stress Release practitioner, with a mission to help change lives, please email:

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“I am hugely rewarded by my clients telling me how they are enjoying life so much more after they’ve found improvements in their bodies after experiencing Body Stress Release. I enjoy the variety it gives my life, meeting many different people, and the freedom it gives me being able to choose my own work hours. I have enjoyed the extreme learning journey Body Stress Release has taken me on and I am incredibly motivated to continue that journey, learn more about the miracle that is the human body and pass this on to other like-minded people.” Chris Balaam, Body Stress Release Practitioner.